Social media posts for engaging content

It can be difficult to come up with new social media content ideas for many channels on a daily basis.
There are numerous types of social media posts to keep information interesting. It is still vital to provide them with timely, high-quality content that attracts their attention and keeps them informed. As a Dubai-based social media agency, we understand what customers want to see, plan what will be released next to maximize their chances of connecting with the material, and assist in converting a potential follower into a client.

So, which are the most effective social media post formats?
With this cheat sheet of 15 outstanding content ideas for each of the main social networks, you’ll be ahead of the competition. Let’s dig deeper into this. You’ll never have to deal with a blank content calendar again.
Digital videos will account for 82% of total web traffic. If you do not have video content on your channels, you are missing out on reach and engagement.

Here are some of the suggested video content:
Narratives are stories that are told on Facebook and Instagram.
Video on demand (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram)
TikTok: Share short videos.
The stream includes videos from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Video feeds in real time.
In addition to video uploads, consider sending live video updates to your social media accounts. This is one of the most effective social media post types. This is a fantastic concept for press conferences and product launches. You may also utilize Facebook Live or Twitter Live to provide a live demonstration of your services or a sneak peek at upcoming products.

Articles and blog posts
If your organization has a blog, post the content with direct links on social media feeds whenever possible to broaden the reach of your message. Blog updates about corporate news, open job ads, and industry developments, for example, are excellent for social media distribution.

On Instagram, post a visually appealing, on-brand graphic that is relevant to the topic. When publishing to the feed, direct readers to a URL in their profile. If you have more than 10,000 followers and are publishing to Stories, use the “Swipe Up” option. LinkedIn’s in-house articles and blog entries are an excellent way to demonstrate expertise while also keeping up with corporate activity. LinkedIn’s publishing platform allows you to share these articles directly.

Investigates what occurs behind the scenes.
Provide some information to followers who are curious about what the company does. Furthermore, social media networks are ideal for sharing photographs and films that would otherwise go unnoticed. Use social media to share footage from the office or professional events. Provide consumers with a visual glimpse into the creative process behind the work, whether through photographs of event preparations or images of items being packed for transit.

Contests and giveaways
Conducting a contest or giveaway on social media networks will allow you to thank existing followers while also attracting new ones. Increase engagement by commenting on a post or sharing a participation requirement; this will attract new followers as news spreads about the contest among family and friends.

Influencer-generated content.
Collaborate with influencers who are a good fit for the organization to create content for its social media accounts. The posts should be consistent with the rest of the social media material while also providing an opportunity to reach out to new potential followers via the influencer.
Images of products
By being creative, new ways to display product images can be discovered online. These photographs should not resemble those found in an online store. Ensure that any product photographs uploaded, particularly on visual sites such as Instagram, are consistent with the brand’s look. The goal is for the photographs to blend in with the rest of the content while still standing out in the feeds of followers.
User-generated material
If the company has followers who use its products and services to create social media material, contact them and ask whether you can repost it on their accounts (with credit). It’s a great approach to broadening your social media presence while recognizing critical consumers.
Interesting or inspiring quotations
Quote posts are an excellent way to emphasize key ideas in articles or blog entries on social media. Use them to offer feedback, guidance, and insights from key employees within the organization. These posts have proven popular on Instagram and Pinterest, but they may work on any site with a visual component.

Visual infographic articles can be an effective way to swiftly convey a lot of information.

If the organization has new sales figures or market research to provide, for example, consider developing an infographic as well as various pieces focusing on specific data.

Feedback from customers
Although it may appear that you only hear about problems, you are more likely to receive positive feedback or ratings from clients. Inquire with those customers about posting a quote from their comments on your social media channels or offering a discount to repeat customers in exchange for their feedback, and then share it.
On social media, engagement is essential, and one simple method to get it is to ask your followers an open-ended question that they cannot respond to with a yes or no.

Tricks and Hints
If the product or service has a learning curve, or if you have any insider information to share, post it on social media. There are several ways, ranging from live and pre-recorded video to image-based visual instruction.

Timeless blog posts
Consider re-sharing outdated information that is still relevant or has resurrected, sometimes known as “evergreen” material.
Event posts are self-evident in some cases, such as when organizing an annual meeting or a workshop. As a result, consider using Facebook event pages for more than just physical gatherings.

If you are a SMEs, corporate, or family-run business in Dubai, it is better to contact a digital marketing agency in Dubai to receive a faster return on investment than having an in-house staff.

Social media posts for engaging content