Clogged drains, mysterious leaks, and persistent plumbing woes can leave you frustrated and scrambling for solutions. Before resorting to disruptive pipe excavations, there’s a smarter way to diagnose the problem – Drain Quip camera inspections.

Drain Quip, a trusted New Zealand company, specializes in professional drain camera inspections. They utilize high-tech camera technology to provide a clear view inside your pipes, pinpointing the exact cause of your drainage issues. This minimally invasive approach saves you time, money, and unnecessary mess.

This article delves into the benefits of Drain Quip camera inspections, explores the types of cameras they offer, and explains how their inspection process works.

Benefits of Drain Quip Camera Inspections

Traditional methods of diagnosing drain problems often involve digging or breaking through walls and floors. This can be:

Destructive: Extensive excavation damages your property, requiring additional repairs.
Time-Consuming: The digging process is slow and disrupts your daily routine.
Costly: Repairing the damage caused by excavation adds to the overall cost of fixing the drain issue.
Drain Quip camera inspections offer a superior alternative:

Minimally Invasive: The camera is inserted into existing drain openings, eliminating the need for digging.
Fast and Efficient: Inspections are completed quickly, minimizing disruption to your day.
Cost-Effective: Saves you money on unnecessary excavation and repairs.
Accurate Diagnosis: Provides clear visuals of the problem, allowing for a precise diagnosis and targeted repair plan.
Preventative Maintenance: Regular camera inspections can identify potential problems early on, preventing future blockages and costly repairs.
DrainQuip Cameras Inspection Options

Drain Quip offers a variety of camera inspection solutions to suit different drain sizes and inspection needs:

Mini Econo Camera (EC30MSLS23): This compact camera is ideal for inspecting small-diameter pipes (DN 30MM – 150MM) commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. The 1080P AHD camera delivers high-resolution images, allowing for a detailed examination of the pipe’s interior.
Econo Camera (EC60MSLS38): This camera is designed for inspecting medium-sized pipes (DN 50MM – 150MM). It features a self-leveling function for a clear view inside angled pipes, a removable 10-inch LCD monitor with DVR for recording footage, and a 60-meter fiberglass push cable for reaching deeper into the drainage system.
SoloPro+ Axiel (100m): This advanced camera system tackles larger diameter pipes (up to DN 200MM) and long distances (up to 100 meters). It boasts a robust design, high-resolution camera with powerful LED illumination, and a user-friendly interface with observation entry and reporting options. SoloPro+ is ideal for inspecting large commercial and industrial drains, as well as complex residential plumbing systems.
WiFi Inspection Cameras: Drain Quip also offers WiFi-enabled camera inspection options that allow for real-time viewing of the inspection footage on a tablet or smartphone. This provides instant visibility of the problem and facilitates communication between the inspector and the client.
The Drain Quip Camera Inspection Process

Drain Quip’s camera inspection process is designed to be efficient and informative:

Consultation: A qualified Drain Quip technician will discuss your specific drainage problem, understand the layout of your plumbing system, and recommend the most suitable camera inspection option.
Preparation: The technician will locate and access the appropriate drain opening for camera insertion.
Camera Insertion: The chosen camera is carefully inserted into the drain, and the cable is fed further into the pipe system.
Live Video Feed: The camera transmits a live video feed to the LCD monitor, allowing the technician to view the inside of the pipe in real-time. Drain Quip’s cameras feature high-resolution capabilities and powerful LED illumination to ensure clear visuals even in poorly lit conditions.
Problem Identification: The technician will meticulously examine the video footage, identifying the source of the blockage or damage within the pipe. This could be anything from tree root intrusion and mineral buildup to collapsed pipes and foreign objects lodged within the system.
Detailed Report: Drain Quip will provide you with a comprehensive report summarizing the findings of the camera inspection. This report will include clear images and video footage of the identified problem areas within the pipe, along with a detailed explanation of the issue.
Beyond Inspection: Solutions You Can Trust

Drain Quip understands that DrainQuip camera inspection are just the first step. Their team of experienced technicians can recommend the most Beyond Inspection: Solutions You Can Trust (continued)
Drain Quip understands that camera inspections are just the first step. Their team of experienced technicians can recommend the most appropriate course of action to address your drainage problem. This may involve:

Drain Cleaning: For blockages caused by debris, grease buildup, or tree roots, Drain Quip offers various drain cleaning solutions. They utilize specialized equipment and techniques to remove the blockage efficiently, restoring proper drainage flow.
Pipe Repair or Replacement: If the camera inspection reveals damaged pipes, Drain Quip can recommend the most suitable repair or replacement options. They can handle a variety of pipe repair methods, including trenchless pipe lining, patching, and bursting techniques, minimizing disruption to your property. For extensive damage, they can also manage complete pipe replacement projects.
Preventative Maintenance: Regular camera inspections can identify potential problems before they cause major blockages or leaks. Drain Quip can recommend preventative maintenance solutions to keep your drains healthy and functioning optimally. This may involve scheduled cleaning services or targeted measures to address potential issues identified during the inspection.
Why Choose Drain Quip Camera Inspections?

Drain Quip is your one-stop shop for all your drain camera inspection needs. Here’s why they stand out:

Experienced Technicians: Their team comprises qualified and experienced technicians who are skilled in camera operation, drain system knowledge, and problem identification.
Advanced Camera Technology: Drain Quip utilizes high-tech camera systems that deliver high-resolution images and clear video footage, ensuring a thorough and accurate inspection.
Variety of Inspection Options: They offer a range of camera solutions catering to different pipe sizes and inspection requirements.
Efficient and Minimally Invasive: Their camera inspection process is fast, efficient, and avoids unnecessary damage to your property.
Detailed Reporting: You’ll receive a comprehensive report with clear visuals and explanations of the identified problems.
Commitment to Solutions: Drain Quip goes beyond inspection; they offer a range of solutions to address your drainage issues effectively.
Peace of Mind with Drain Quip Camera Inspections

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