Prepare for the (Un)Dead: Your Essential Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse (Wellington Edition)

Wellington, known for its vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and…well, perhaps not zombies (yet). But hey, preparedness is key, even for the (hopefully) unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse. Here at Scapegoats Escape Rooms, we’re all about problem-solving and thinking outside the box — skills that would be invaluable in a zombie apocalypse. So, let’s delve into how you, a resourceful Wellingtonian, can survive the (un)dead:

Location, Location, Location:

Wellington’s geography offers both advantages and disadvantages in a zombie apocalypse. Here’s what to consider:

The Waterfront: While scenic, the waterfront could be a bottleneck during an escape. Consider heading inland for more defensible terrain.
The Hills: Wellington’s hilly terrain offers natural vantage points and potential escape routes. The Botanic Gardens could be a haven with access to some greenery (and maybe scavenging opportunities).
The Beltway: The inner-city motorway could be a good escape route, but securing a vehicle and navigating potential traffic jams would be crucial.
Suburbs: Suburbs with single-story houses could be easier to defend than high-rise apartments. However, access to resources might be limited.
Gear Up:

Now’s not the time for fashion statements. Here are some essential items to gather:

Durable Clothing and Footwear: Protection from bites and the elements is key. Think long sleeves, sturdy pants, and comfortable shoes.
First-Aid Kit: Be prepared to treat injuries sustained during escapes or encounters (hopefully not with zombies!).
Non-perishable Food and Water: Stock up on canned goods, dried food, and bottled water to sustain yourself.
Weapons: While firearms are ideal, anything you can use to defend yourself is valuable. Baseball bats, crowbars, and even sharpened tools can be makeshift weapons.
Communication Tools: Cell service might be unreliable. Consider a two-way radio or a good old whistle for communication.
Sharpen Your Skills:

Survival isn’t just about having supplies. Here are some skills to hone:

First Aid: Knowing basic first aid techniques could be lifesaving.
Self-Defense: Learn basic self-defense moves to fight off (hopefully not) approaching zombies.
Navigation: GPS might not work. Learn to navigate using a map and compass.
Signaling for Help: Knowing how to signal for help using flares or mirrors could be crucial for rescue.
Remember, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

A lone wolf might not survive long. Here’s how to build a strong team:

Find Trustworthy People: Look for people with complementary skills and a positive attitude.
Establish Roles: Assign roles based on everyone’s strengths. Someone might be good at scavenging, while another is a natural leader.
Communication is Key: Clear communication is vital for planning, strategizing, and avoiding conflicts within your group.
Bonus Tip: Practice Makes Perfect!

Here at Scapegoats Escape Rooms, we offer a unique training ground for your zombie apocalypse survival skills. Our escape rooms test your problem-solving, communication, and teamwork — all crucial elements for surviving the (un)dead. So, hone your skills, have fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the hero who leads Wellington through the zombie apocalypse (hopefully not, but hey, be prepared!).

Prepare for the (Un)Dead: Your Essential Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse (Wellington Edition)