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Transactions must be safe and frictionless in today’s digital economy. Leading this change is Centi about us, a pioneer in stablecoin and blockchain technologies. Centi, which was established in March 2020, wants to completely transform the financial industry by offering cutting-edge payment options that facilitate quick, safe, and affordable transactions. This guest article explores Centi’s background, goals, core principles, and outlook for the future.

Centi’s Genesis

Centi was founded with the specific goal of using stablecoins and blockchain technology to improve and streamline transaction procedures. The company’s adventure started with the creation of its own stablecoin technology, which soon turned into the mainstay of its state-of-the-art payment solutions. In April 2020, backend development began, and in August 2020, regulatory permission was obtained,

Goals and Objectives

The goal of Centi is to enable companies in a range of sectors by offering streamlined and effective transaction solutions. The startup sees a world in which microtransactions and enhanced consumer experiences are made possible by stablecoin technology, to the advantage of everybody. By emphasizing innovation, Centi aims to expand the realm of financial technology and guarantee that its products are clear, safe, and easily accessed.

Fundamental Principles

The three guiding principles of Centi’s work are inclusion, creativity, and integrity.

Innovation: Centi is dedicated to consistently advancing the financial industry by creating products that raise the bar for online transactions.
Integrity: The business upholds the strictest security and transparency guidelines, guaranteeing the security and dependability of each transaction.
Inclusivity: Centi’s solutions democratize the advantages of cutting-edge payment technology by making them available to companies of all sizes.

Achievement and Influence

The consumer-facing solutions offered by Centi have already had a big effect on the industry. Users have praised their low-cost transactions and smooth integration, which have enabled millions of transactions to date. The improved customer experience and increased operational efficiency that the firm provides to enterprises are also important indicators of its success, in addition to the quantity of transactions.

Creative Methods of Payment

A variety of payment options are provided by Centi to meet the needs of both B2B and B2C customers. They can choose to integrate Centi’s technology directly into current systems or through Payment Service Providers (PSPs). The lowest costs in the market, daily bank settlements, and a flawless transaction experience are what set these solutions apart.

PSP Integration: This option allows businesses to offer Centi alongside other payment methods like Visa, covering both Centi and PSP fees.

Direct Integration: Centi provides a cost-effective solution with zero monthly fees and a minimal transaction fee of 0.3%, ensuring businesses can enjoy substantial savings.

Blockchain Transactions | Centi About Us